Punta Sayulita, a hidden gem on the Pacific near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I love working in real estate, especially the Luxury perks of this business! While on a recent vacation in Mexico, my traveling partners and I had the opportunity to preview an amazing Eco-Friendly Residential Development in a lush sanctuary.  I’m talking about Punta Sayulita, a hidden gem on the Pacific near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Sayulita is a cool, bohemian chic, surfing seaside village full of surprises, quaint little shops and restaurants, the town is full of Europeans and Americans who call this place home. A big thanks to my friend and colleague Paulette Jemal, of San Antonio Portfolio, who is the listing agent for this amazing  property and arranged the preview for us. We got to enjoy a VIP Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous for one day! Oh yes! A few of them are residents here, an actress, a TV Producer, a High Executive for Apple Computers, who owns not one, but two of the five different Polynesian style open floor plans available ranging in price from $1.5M to $3.8M USD. We got to enjoy the Beach & Surf Club for the day, which included multiple swimming pools, beach access, restaurant, bar, and lounge areas and a personal chef! We got pampered under the sun with the most spectacular views!  Thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of our awesome day in Paradise! Better yet, the 3 day/4 night complimentary stay in a $3.8M dollar villa is designed for very high end buyers seeking to invest in Real Estate in Mexico’s beaches, this is the perfect way experience the ultimate lifestyle and if they like it, they buy it…. My question is, what is there not to like at Punta Sayulita? If you or anyone you know is interested in this Complimentary Stay, please let me know.Sayulita1 Sayulita9 Sayulita8 Sayulita7 Sayulita13 Sayulita12 Sayulita11 Sayulita10 Sayulita6 Sayulita5 Sayulita4 Sayulita3 Sayulita2

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